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Real Madrid Kits DLS (2019) | Dream League Soccer Kits in 512×512

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Just like other football clubs we are here to update the Dream League Soccer Read Madrid kits 2019 with other DLS Kits for your audience. I hope you like the fully customized kits with the Logo as well.

Real Madrid Team is also very famous with a huge fan following. It is also a Spain based football club and won titles like La Liga league, Fifa Cub World Club, UEFA Champions League and much more.

Dream League Soccer Real Madrid Kits 2019

The Kits are basically the team uniforms, people trying to get the latest DLS Real Madrid kits daily on the internet.  Therefore, we collect the information from authentic sources and create the kits for your users.

You can find the Real Madrid kits on your website as well as the pother famous teams like reading Madrid DLS Kits and much more. Just to stay active and you are good to go.

DLS Real Madrid Home Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Home Kits 2019


DLS Real Madrid Away Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Away Kits 2019


DLS Real Madrid Third Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Third Kits


DLS Real Madrid GoalKeeper Home Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Goal Keeper Home Kits 2019


DLS Real Madrid GoalKeeper Away Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Goal Keeper Away Kits 2019


DLS Real Madrid GoalKeeper Third Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Goal Keeper Third Kits 2019


The Logos are also important in the game like the Real Madrid Logo is now a day in more trending. People use this logo on the kits and design them fully customize.  Keep in mind that all the official logo credit goes to the Real Madrid club officials.

We just list it down to help the users and aware people about football and its related activities. You can get the logo Real Madrid PNG file with the URL as well.

Real Madrid Logo PNG

Logo Real Madrid PNG DLS 2019

Real Madrid Logo URL


512×512 Kits Real Madrid 2019

The 512×512 size is required in the game to import the kits. So, we are trying to create the kits in that size. The Updates latest 5212×512 Real Madrid kits are waiting for you to import them in the game and increase your gaming experience. The Kits include the Real Madrid Away kits, third & home kits along with the Real Madrid GoalKeeper Away, home & third kits.

Also, each kit has its separate URL to download and import directly into the game. To learn how to import please read a guide on that below.

The Real Madrid team has lots of things which we are discussing here today but all those things are related to Dream league Soccer mobile Game.

Due to its popularity, the game developers add this team to the DLS game. Also, the users and players created this team with fully custom-designed kits in the game. So, We provide here the uniforms/kits of the teams and the customize logo as well with URL. So stay with us!

Import DLS Real Madrid  Kits – Guide

Now, we are talking about them that how you can easily import the kits and logos in the game. Lots of our users have newly installed the game and they do not know how they import and export the files in the age, You follow the simple steps and you won’t regret .

  • Search the Real Madrid Kits on our Blog.
  • Find the 512×512 Pixels kits & Logo URL.
  •  Open the URL & you will find the Images of the Kits.
  • After that, Open the Dream League Soccer game on your android or IOS device.
  • Select the MY CLUB Option in the Menu bar section
  • Here you can find the option CUSTOMISE TEAM, click on it.
  • Select the EDIT Kit or EDIT Logo option.
  • Now, you can get an option to DOWNLOAD, select it.
  • The URL insert space appear, put the URL in it (which you copy from our website)
  • In The End, Select the “Confirm” option and the Kit or Logo will automatically import.

This is the easiest way to import the DLS kits 2019 on youe game. For more kits and stuff like that you should have to Subscribe our website notifications features its FREE. After that, you will get the updates whenever we post new kits like the Real Madrid DLS Kits 2019. Thanks for Visiting!

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