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Cambodia (2024) | Dream League Soccer Kits & Logo

There are lots of DLS Kits we update on our website, Today we have these amazing Dream League Soccer Cambodia Kits (2024) for our regular visitors and newbies. Just import the ready-made kits in the perfect 512×512 size and enjoy the gameplay Now!

Cambodia football is a National Soccer club and in the Dream League Soccer Game, people usually play the game with national teams as compared to others. So, we always try to bring all the DLS Kits & logos, and related things on a single Platform the DLS Kits Hub.

Dream League Soccer Cambodia Kits 2024

In the Modern era, people spend there most of their time on Smartphones. Like Andriod, games are so popular and trending day by day. In that scenario, the Dream League soccer game entertains you a lot. You can select your favorite team, and play tournaments and the most amazing feature is changing the Team’s uniforms or teams.

We started our website the DLS kits Hub to provide you with the best and the most authentic data which will give you the best custom-designed kits. All the kits are 100% authentic and work with an easy import feature. If you want your own designed kits then discuss them with us in the comments, and we will try to create them for you!

The home, away, and third kits with there all kinds of Goalkeeper custom kits are available on the DLS kits hub website.

Cambodia Home Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Cambodia Home Kits


Cambodia Away Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Cambodia Away Kits


Cambodia Third Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Cambodia Third Kits


Cambodia Goalkeeper Home Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Cambodia GoalKeeper Home Kits


Cambodia Goalkeeper Away Kits

Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Cambodia GoalKeeper Away Kits


Cambodia GoalKeeper Third Kits

Coming Soon…

DLS Cambodia Kits Logo 2024

I like the design of the DLS Cambodia Logo. Now let me clarify one thing the kits are without any branding logo on them. We create blanks, it is on visitors or users to place the logo on it for branding purposes. This is the only reason we have listed the official team logos, but all the rights are owned by the Cambodia team itself.

Get the import URL below of the logo and use it in the game easily.

Cambodia logo PNG 512×512

Cambodia Logo PNG DLS

Cambodia Kits Logo URL


Cambodia Kits 512×512 2024

The most important discussion is on 512×512 kits the game has a default function or setting to only import the kits with that particular size. Smaller kits are pixelated and do not work properly or even the game won’t accept them. however, you just do not worry about it we have only the recommended 512×512 size kits.

The kits, as well as Logos, are without a background in PNG formats to be easily and perfectly used in the game.

About Team

Cambodia Football Club is based in Cambodia, Southeastern Asia, and it was founded on November 9, 1953, from that year the team has performed amazingly in the field. The team is popular with their nickname the Angkor Warriors and represents their country nationally as well as internationally in some leagues. Below check the team’s achievements!

Cambodia football club belongs to its national football league the “Cambodian League”. Besides, the team won many national cups including the CNCC Cup, Naga Corp Titles, and some international FA Cups as well. If you are interested in checking the complete list of their achievements then check on the official team’s website or Wikipedia!

Team Location Cambodia
Founded in November 1953
League Cambodian Football League
Stadium The National Olympic Stadium
Cambodia DLS kits Available on DLS kits Hub

Import Cambodia Kits Kits 2024 – Guide

For beginners and newbies, we have the DLS Kits 2024 import guide. Follow the steps carefully and import the kits into the game easily. If you still have a problem then feel free to discuss it with us in the comments!

  • Search for your desired kits on our website.
  • Then find the 512×512 px kits and Logo URL.
  • Open the URL and you will find the Kits image.
  • Now, Open the Dream League Soccer game on your Android or IOS device.
  • Select MY CLUB in the Menu bar section
  • Here you can find the option Customize TEAM, click on it.
  • Select the Logo Edit or Kit Edit option.
  • On that screen, you can get an option to Download, and select it.
  • The URL insert space appears, put the URL in it (which you copy from our website)
  • Finally, Select the Confirm option and the Kit or Logo will automatically import.

So, Today’s post is dedicated to all the Cambodian Football Team fans and followers. I hope you like our Combida DLS kits 2024 if you want to get more kits and logos Subscribe to the newsletter and Do comments. Thanks!

So, that’s it for today I hope you like the Cambodia DLS 2024. If you have more content like this Subscribe to the newsletter and enable the free notification. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for visiting!

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