Dream League Soccer Kits 2024-25 | DLS Kits 512×512 & Logos

DLS Kits are available on this website for an Andriod & IOS Mobile game known as Dream League Soccer. The game is specially created and launched for Soccer lovers.

There are millions of people who already get this game and play it on their devices. The game satisfies its users because of the ultra-friendly and awesome gaming experience.

The game gives you the freedom to edit your Dream League Soccer Kits – DLS Kits 2024, and also change the Logos and teams accordingly. Sounds Great! The users customize the team kits/uniforms and add their own graphics to them.

But sometimes, the players do not have enough time to create their custom kits and Logos. So, here we come to create the fully customized team kits and upload them on our website.

Here you will get the 512×512 kits, their logo in PNG, the URLs to import, and much more. You just need to stay active with us to check the content to jump your required kits according to team names.

In this article, we briefly explain the important things with the URL of the main, away & third kits. Just Read and import!

DLS Dream League Soccer 512×512 Kits 2024

Dream League Soccer Kits – DLS Kits 2024

Now, let’s talk about what actually the Dream League Soccer Kits are. If you are a Soccer lover and like to watch matches then you know that in a real game, the team’s kits and different kits mean uniforms.

These kits represent them. The Android game developers try to feel real soccer and give the team kits. However, you have freedom in Dream League Soccer Classic to modify the Logo and the Dream League Soccer Uniforms.

The Kuchalana-designed kits are also available but this year barely people like to use them in the game because the latest and fresh design according to 2024 has arrived.

People mostly search for the URLs because they put them in the game option and the system behind the DLS does the rest means automatically fetching the Kit from the source.

We notice that people still search for custom kits because we think that players are already fed up playing the game with the old appearance. So, try something new and get the team kits from our blog

Premier League

Here check all Premier League Kits 2024 and beyond. We list down all the kit variations, the logos, and either important stuff to get. Check and share as well!

La Liga

LA Liga is a very famous football league and we have all the LA Liga Dream League soccer kits on our website the DLS kits Hub. Check the Below listed all team kits and logos.

Serie A

Italy-based Football League “Serie A” is very popular we list down all the league Teams’ Kits. Just check that particular post and import the kits into the Dream League soccer game!


Bundesliga – Germany became very famous this year and all the Bundesliga team’s Kits are here to get. Just use our working import links and get the kits Today!

Liga MX

If you are looking for the DLS kits of Liga MX league teams then check the below list, select and click on your desiring kits and enjoy. If you need more kits and custom designs comment below.

AFC Champions League

AFC Champions League Kits are available on our blog. If you want the latest kits then stay with us. These all kits are working and you can import them directly into the game.

France Ligue 1

All France Ligue 1 Ream League Kits have been updated here on our blog. You can get all the working and High-Quality France Ligue 1 Team Kits here, Check the Below List!

Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer is a Professional Football League under the supervision of the United States Soccer Federation. Here you can get the working MLS Team Kits 2024 and onward!

Malaysia Super League

All the Malaysia Super League Team Kits and their Logos are listed below. Open the post, use the import link to enjoy the kits in the game. For more kits and stuff stay active on the blog!


The latest Eredivisie League Dream League soccer kits 2024 are available here. All the kits are 512×512 in size with logos you just need to use the Import URLs to enjoy. Stay active for more updates!

512×512 Kits

The new users are always confused about the term 512×512 kits, now we are clear that this is just the size of a Kit image. The game supports the size 512×512 px only and we use this size while creating the kits for you.

The Logos are also available on your blog. If you want to get this size then just search on your website for example if you want to get the Kits in these dimensions. 

How simple it is that you just need some time to understand things. Have any questions? then please use the comment box to communicate with us and ask your questions. If you want us to make your own designed kit then ping us.

Dream League Soccer Barcelona Kits 2024

The Dream League Soccer Barcelona Kit is also available on our website. All the Away, third, and goalkeeper kits are included.

Basically, if you add here some history of the real-life FC Barcelona team it was founded in 1899 and now the team is one of the favorites and most popular teams in Soccer history.

The famous star Lionel Messi is the most favorite player on the team. The overall achievements of FC Barcelona in real life include the LA Liga title, the UEFA Champions League winner, the Fifa Cub World Cup, and others.

That’s why people love to play the game with the Barcelona Kits. The Color combinations of the Home Kits are Red and Blue. You can get the different designs as well as the Deam League Soccer Barcelona kit with URLs.

512×512 Kits Barcelona

The 512×512 Barcelona Kits are listed below. All the available and required kits with the URLs including the Home Kits, Away, and Third Kits are here.

Besides these, we have the Goal Keeper Home, Away, and Thirds for you. We hope you like our efforts and designs and use them to enhance your gaming experience.

Barcelona Home Kits

DLS Barcelona Home Kits

Barcelona Away Kits

DLS Barcelona Away Kits

Barcelona Third Kits

DLS Barcelona Third Kits


Barcelona Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Barcelona Goal Keeper Home Kits


Barcelona GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS Barcelona Goal Keeper Away Kits


Barcelona GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS Barcelona Goal Keeper Third Kits

More FC Barcelona Kits 2024

DLS Real Madrid Kits 2024

Real Madrid is also people’s favorite team it is basically originated in Spain and operating since 1902. The famous player of this team is Ronaldo and most people support this team because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The team won titles including the UEFA Champions, European Cup, Copa De la Liga, and much more as well. The Dream League Soccer game has this team. Its lover easily plays the game by selecting it. Now, the users want the Customized Real Madrid DLS Kits, the logos, and much more.

Basically, most people get boor with the same team uniform then they like to have something new in the game. 

512×512 Kits Real Madrid

Now, We have the Real Madrid home kits, away, and third kits as well. If you want here to get the Real Madrid Logo then it is also available.

You can get it and follow our guide below on how you can import the teams into your game in a very short period of time.

Real Madrid Home Kits

DLS Real Madrid Home Kits


Real Madrid Away Kits

DLS Real Madrid Away Kits


Real Madrid Third Kits

DLS Real Madrid Third Kits


Real Madrid Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Real Madrid Goapkeeper Home Kits


Real Madrid GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS Real Madrid Goapkeeper Away Kits


Real Madrid GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS Real Madrid Goapkeeper Third Kits


More DLS Real Madrid Kits 2024

Dream League Soccer Kits Juventus 2024

An Italian-based Football team having lots of titles won since 1897. Juventus is a well-known soccer club and its net worth is about 260 euros. Juventus won the Coppa Italian, UEFA Cups, Intercontinental Cups, and almost 28 to 30 titles during their career.

The team usually wears the kits with the color scheme of white and black. So, we discuss its kits and logos Today. Due to its popularity, the DLS developers add it to their game and the statistics say that people love to play with it.

Just like other team’s kits, players search the new and customized kits on the internet and they get the best ones only on our website.

Kits Juventus 512×512 Kits

The 512×512-sized kits of Juventus DLS are available and listed below. This will include the Home, Away, third, and Goalkeepers kits with the URLs.

The Juventus official logo in PNG format is here. Just follow the instructions to import the stuff into your game profile.

Juventus Home Kits

DLS Juventus Home Kits


Juventus Away Kits

DLS Juventus Away Kits


Juventus Third Kits

DLS Juventus Third Kits


Juventus Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Juventus Goalkeeper Home Kits


Juventus GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS Juventus Goalkeeper Away Kits


Juventus GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS Juventus Goalkeeper Third Kits


More DLS Juventus Kits 2024

DLS PSG Kits 2024

PSG the form is Paris Saint Germain, it is a French football club and working for decades. The team has a huge fan following and people love to watch the matches as well.

The PSG team won lots of titles in their career and is still one of the best teams in soccer. Due to that fans following the Dream League Soccer game developers add this team to their game.

People play the Android and IOS versions of the game with this tea, Now, users want some change, and the default home kits color combination has a blue, white, and red color.

But sometimes people love to play the game with customized kits. Here we come to provide them the DLS Kits PSG according to their requirements.

512×512 Kits PSG

The PSG Kits are also available here in the recommended size to use them in the game easily. Besides the uniforms, we uploaded the Dream League Soccer PSG logo in PNG format.

You can use the kits as well as the logo according to your mind and design. DLS Kits PSG would help you a lot to design the new ones. So, follow all the things and then customize them.

PSG Home Kits

DLS PSG Home Kits


PSG Away Kits

DLS PSG Away Kits


PSG Third Kits

DLS PSG Third Kits


PSG Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS PSG Goalkeeper Home Kits


PSG GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS PSG Goalkeeper Away Kits


PSG GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS PSG Goalkeeper Third Kits


More DLS PSG Kits 2024

DLS Kits Arsenal

Another London Football team well known as F.C. Arsenal established in 1886. The Arsenal football club has lots of fans and won the Premier League, EFL Cup, the FA Cup title, and some others as well.

The total net worth of this team is unbelievable, it’s almost 350 Million euros. If you are a big fan of this team you should have to show some interest in it.

We know that you are looking for the Dream League Soccer Arsenal Kits for the Game. Therefore, we are here to provide you with the same stuff which you are looking for. Also, with the kits, we have the official logo list of the popular teams including the Arsenal club.

512×512 Arsenal Kits

The best dimensions Arsenal Aways Kits, Third Kits, Home, and Goalkeeper Kits are every time available on our website. We update the content accordingly and add some new customize kits for you. It’s your duty to stay right us for the updates and things that require you to play the game with more fun.

Arsenal Home Kits

DLS Arsenal Home Kits


Arsenal Away Kits

DLS Arsenal Away Kits


Arsenal Third Kits

DLS Arsenal Third Kits


Arsenal Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Arsenal Goalkeeper Home Kits


Arsenal GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS Arsenal Goalkeeper Away Kits


Arsenal GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS Arsenal Goalkeeper Third Kits


More DLS Arsenal Kits 2024

Dream League Soccer Kits Chelsea

Chelsea is also a London bases Football and it has been operative since 1905. This team is one of the best teams that contributed to the Premier League.

Chelsea FC won lots of Tournaments some of which are like FA Club, UEFA Europa League, and others. People love to play the Dream League Soccer game the Chelsea team. The official kits are awesome in the game but people need to make their own kits.

For that purpose, we started this blog to help and entertain them by providing the best possible Kits of Chelsea and the logo in PNG as well.

512×512 Chelsea Kits

As usual, the Chelsea Logo and kits are in recommended dimensions. The kits include the Home, Away, third, and all the Goalkeepers kits which will help you to get a more customized team.

If anybody wants us to make the kit according to your design then Feel Free to contact us via Email, Contact Form, or comments.

Chelsea Home Kits

DLS Chelsea Home Kits


Chelsea Away Kits

DLS Chelsea Away Kits


Chelsea Third Kits

DLS Chelsea Third Kits


Chelsea Goalkeeper Home Kit

DLS Chelsea Goalkeeper Home Kits


Chelsea GoalKeeper Away Kit

DLS Chelsea Goalkeeper Away Kits


Chelsea GoalKeeper Third Kit

DLS Chelsea Goalkeeper Third Kits


More DLS Chelsea Kits 2024

Logos Dream League Soccer

The logos of DLS teams are also searched by the users. The DLS logos are usually in PNG format because without the background logo easily fit on the team uniform.

Just like the kits, people demand the URL of the logo and we try to provide them too. If you want to get some popular teams logos then check the following and get the Dream League Soccer Kits Logos from here:

Chelsea Logo PNG

DLS Chelsea Logo


Barcelona Logo Dream League PNG

DLS Barcelona Logo


Brazil Logo PNG

DLS Brazil Logo


Liverpool Logo PNG

DLS Liverpool Logo


Juventus Logo PNG

DLS Juventus Logo


Atletico Madrid Logo PNG

DLS Atletico Madrid Logo


Arsenal Logo PNG

DLS Arsenal Logo


Manchester City Logo PNG

DLS Manchester City Logo


Manchester United Logo PNG

DLS Manchester United Logo





Logo Real Madrid PNG

DLS Real Madrid Logo


A Guide to Import the Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos 2024

We notice that the users need some changes and want to out the latest kits and uniforms in the game. DLS kits are usually available on our website and most of the users know how to import them in the game kits section (where they select the desiring one).

But some new players facing a problem they actually do not know how to import the kits, change the colors, adjust the logos, and everything related to customization.

However, like every time we are here to help you. Just follow the below steps with images and you are good to go. Let’s Begin!

  • The step is to install the Dream League Soccer game from an authentic source like Play Store on Android and on IOS Apple’s App Store.
  • Once the game is completely installed launch it. (Make sure that your device has enough power to handle the game smoothly).
  • Now, find the Team Management tab and click on it.
  • In that section, you will get the Development of players, Customize Team, Training, etc.
  • Skip all the options and just go with the Customize Team.
  • Then, you have some editing and customization options like Edit players, Edit team, and Team name.
  • Now, if up to you if you edit your Player’s Shirt numbers, colors, etc, and click on the Edit Player.
  • And if you want to Customize the Team then go with Edit Team.
  • In the Edit Team section, you have options to change and further modify the Home, Away, and Third kits in no time.
  • How do you have in your mind how you can import the DLS kits 2024 from our website? Just select the Edit Kit option.
  • Then Click on Download, paste the URL that we provide you here, and hit the Confirm button.
  • After this process, restart the game and the installation will be completed.
  • If you want to bring the default logo and delete the imported logos just select the Reset option.
  • The same goes with kits Select the Delete option to remove the imported kits from the game.


✅ How to Import Dream League Soccer Kits in the game?
Just use our working import URLs and get kits directly into your game. If you face any error read our import guide.
✅ How do I customize my kits and Logos in the game?
You can get the custom DLS kits from our website and logo as well. Use the logo to customize your kits by yourself.

✅ When you update new DLS 512×512 Kits?
We update every new kit and logo just stay active with us and get the amazing fully customize kits.

Final Words from us

This game is gaining more popularity in 2024, the game is currently available for Android and IOS Devices. Specially designed and developed for Football and has almost every popular and famous football club team in it.

After Reading the whole article, We hope that you understand the whole process and get the Dream League Soccer kits 2024. If you want to get more content related to DLS kits then bookmark us and Enable the notifications by Subscribing it’s FREE!

The Kits, Logos, and URLs are frequently updated on your website. If you want your design to feature on our website or you want us to make it for you then just contact us via Email, comment below, or use the contact form. Thanks for Visiting!


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